EFM Boilers in St. Louis, Missouri

Do you want a heat source that is quiet, clean, and highly efficient? Depend on Controlled Heating & Air Conditioning Inc. for state-of-the-art EFM boilers. In St. Louis, Missouri, we install dependable boilers from EFM that are easy to use and dependable. The EB4 boiler provides a powerful heat source for home heating or supplemental heat, such as:

  • Pools & Saunas
  • Radiant Heat
  • Heated Driveways
  • Solar Heating Systems
  • Heat Pump Backup

Uniform Heating throughout Your Home

Are some rooms in your home too hot or too cold in the winter? Solve the problem by depending on our company for EFM boilers. These quality products provide dependable and efficient heat throughout all of your living areas. The EB4 is an electric boiler that does not need oil or gas to operate. It fits in a small space, and it’s easy to service and install. Other design features of the EB4 include:

  • Removable Jacket Hides & Protects Controls & Circuit Breakers
  • Cover Locking Screw Prevents Unintentional Opening
  • Jacket Can Be Removed without Disturbing Piping or Wiring
  • Temperature Pressure Gauge Factory Mounted on the Boiler
  • Circulator Is Pre-Mounted in the Enclosure
  • Compact Size Fits in Tight Spaces with Minimal Clearance Requirements
  • Unit Is Wall Mounted, Out of the Way & Off the Floor

More about EFM

Since 1922, EFM has been an innovator in designing and manufacturing boilers and furnaces. Their products have delivered reliable, efficient heat and hot water to thousands and thousands of homeowners. Because the focus on outstanding craftsmanship and quality materials, they have a reputation for providing products that last. Their boilers are easy to install and service. Most importantly, they are known for their dependable performance.

The electric EFM boilers are excellent for primary heat sources, depending on your location and the cost of electricity in your area. They can be added virtually anywhere, making them superior options for supplemental heat as well. All you need is a wall and electrical outlet.

Boiler Installation Experts

Depend on our company to help you enjoy a warm home this winter. Our factory trained HVAC team provides comprehensive EFM boiler installation services. We have one chief goal in mind, and that is to ensure your complete satisfaction and save you money in the process. If you’re tired of dealing with a broken boiler, let us help you select one that suits your needs and your budget.

Contact us for affordable and powerful heating solutions if you want an electric boiler. We proudly serve customers throughout St. Louis, Missouri, and the surrounding areas.