Radiant Heat vs. Traditional St. Louis, MO HVAC Systems

When it comes to keeping your home warm and comfortable during the coldest months of the year, traditional HVAC systems with vents and ducts can lead to consistent heat loss and higher energy bills. Most homes in America transfer heat using electrical wires and hot water pipes, but that isn’t the most efficient way to keep your house warm.

At Controlled Heating and Air Conditioning, Inc., your source for St. Louis, MO, HVAC services, we offer state-of-the-art radiant heat systems that send heat through the floor of your home instead of using pipes and vents. Discover the benefits of radiant heat systems from the professionals at your local St. Louis, MO, HVAC company.

Total In-Home Comfort

If your home is channeling heat through vents and ducts in the wall, a lot of that warm air is more than likely going to waste. The radiant heat system keeps your home warm by sending heat up through the floors. Remember that heat always rises, which means that the heat from your floors will rise up and heat the rest of your home naturally. Heat passes from one object to another.

Every time you take a step or touch a nearby surface, you will feel the warmth from the radiant heat system. Instead of hard, cold surfaces sapping your body heat, a radiant heat system keeps everything in your home the perfect temperature.

Energy Efficiency at Its Best

Sending heat through leaky ducts and wayward pipes requires a lot of extra energy. Even if you regularly check your pipes for leaks and drafts, there’s still a chance that a portion of your home’s heat is slipping through the cracks. You can save on your energy bills by switching to a radiant heat system from your local St. Louis, MO, HVAC company. The heat in your home will rise naturally, moving through your feet and nearby surfaces to create a warm, welcoming home environment.

Don’t settle for a traditional HVAC system when you can heat your entire home using the power of radiant heat with help from our St. Louis, MO, HVAC specialists. You’ll save on energy, avoid poor air quality, and stay warmer all year long. Discover the benefits of a radiant heat system and contact the professionals at Controlled Heating and Air Conditioning, Inc. today for more information about our St. Louis, MO, HVAC services.