Convenient & High-Tech Comfort Controls in St. Louis, Missouri

Customize the comfort level in your home with advanced comfort controls. In St. Louis, Missouri, Controlled Heating & Air Conditioning Inc. improves the efficiency of your healing and cooling system by installing state-of-the-art thermostats. Simple to operate and designed with your comfort in mind, the iComfort Wi-Fi® and ComfortSense® products by Lennox revolutionize the way you heat and cool your home.

Benefits of Using HVAC Comfort Controls

Enjoy advanced control of your HVAC system right at your fingertips. Customizable settings allow you to control your heating and cooling every day of the week–and based on your family’s schedule. Comfort controls help you save money and energy without sacrificing your family’s personal comfort.

Why keep the AC or heater running while you’re away? With an iComfort Smart Thermostat, you can program it to adjust the temperature at specific times during the day. The Wi-Fi thermostats also let you monitor your home’s temperature remotely. Make adjustments from anywhere with your tablet, computer, smart phone, or iPhone®.

Remote Temperature Control with the iComfort Wi-Fi

Adjust your home’s temperature wherever you are. With an iComfort Wi-Fi thermostat, you can do it from any Mac, PC, or cell phone device. Are you leaving for the day? The thermostat can be automatically adjusted to reduce system output and energy use. Returning home? Touch the thermostat when you arrive, and the system will restore normal heating and cooling schedules. Best of all, you are able to change the temperature in your home remotely. The iComfort also gives you current weather conditions and adjusts your HVAC system based on the weather.

A ComfortSense Thermostat Makes Good Sense

It makes sense to use a ComfortSense thermostat from Lennox. Lennox is an innovator when it comes to designing and manufacturing HVAC systems and temperature controls. This thermostat offers total control of your comfort through customizable programming. When paired with a Lennox HVAC system, this smart thermostat ensures the temperature in your home stays within a 0.5 degree threshold of its setting. Other features of the ComfortSense thermostat include:

  • Senses Extreme Temperature Changes & Adjusts Accordingly
  • One-Touch Away Mode to Override Regular Programming
  • Air Filter Change Reminder
  • Customizable Reminders for Servicing & Parts Replacement
  • Large, Easy-to-Use Touchscreen with Adjustable Brightness
  • Dual-Fuel Capability–Can Switch between Gas & Electric Operations
  • Works with Humidity Control System to Adjust the Home’s Humidity Level
  • Weather-on-Demand Feature to Let You Know What’s Happening Outside
  • Removes Excess Moisture for Healthier, More Comfortable Air
  • Provides Emails with Detailed Diagnostics & Reminders When Service Is Needed

Contact us for help deciding on the right thermostat for your needs. We proudly serve customers throughout St. Louis, Missouri, and the surrounding areas.