Heating St Louis Missouri | ControlledHVAC.comYour home furnace is an expensive investment and is something that you and your family rely on. A properly working furnace is important for heating in St Louis, Missouri during cold winters. One very important and yet inexpensive part of your furnace is the air filter, so here are some frequently asked questions about furnace filters.

How Often Should I Change the Filter?

The answer depends on the type of filter you buy. Cheaper filters need to be changed out monthly and more expensive ones can go three months. The ones that cost more are pleated, which increases the surface area so they can keep the air clean longer.

Why Is a Clean Filter Important?

All the warm air that circulates throughout your house passes through the filter so if a filter is dirty, your indoor air quality will be affected. Also, a dirty filter will make your furnace work harder and this can shorten its life, meaning money for repairs or replacement. Lastly, if your furnace is working too hard, it will be less efficient, so you can save money on your utility bills if you change your filter regularly.

What Is MERV?

You can determine the efficiency of the filter by checking the MERV rating. If the rating is higher, the efficiency is better. That is a rating system used in the HVAC industry where a number from 1 to 16 gives the Minimum Efficiency Reporting Value. It basically measures the size of particles in the air that are captured by the filter. High numbers mean better filtration but that also means your furnace has to work harder to push air through it. When deciding on the MERV rating you need, always check with an HVAC professional or the manufacturer to choose the best filter for your furnace.