Our smartphones let us do almost anything now. Everything from keep in touch with family members, pay bills, even order take out. But did you know you could also control your home’s thermostat from your phone? You can now! Check out the iComfort S30 Smart Thermostat from Lennox and see what new things this thermostat can do!

Walk in the door and be comfortable. The iComfort S30 uses your smartphone’s location to see where you are and base a schedule off of it. It learns your daily routine and changes the temperature to best fit your home’s needs. This way, you save energy and have the temperature set at what you really want when you come home.

Get a more accurate temperature. This thermostat takes into account the temperature outside and inside, giving you a “feels like” temperature rather than a static number. Also, you can check the thermostat panel for updates on the weather and air quality.

Be aware of problems before they happen. The iComfort S30 will tell you when you are having problems with your system. It will even diagnose what the problem is. This way, you can tell your service expert what’s going on and solve the problem without extra service calls.

For more information and to see if the iComfort S30 would be a good addition to your home, check out our site ControlledHVAC.com. We’ll be more than happy to help you decide what soluition is best for your home! We’ve been St. Louis MO HVAC specialists since 1977!