Air conditioning in St Louis MissouriYour heating and air condition equipment does more than just heat your home or apartment in winter and keep it nice and cool during the summer months. It creates a space that you want to be in. There is nothing worse than having your heating or cooling shut off during the hottest and coldest months of the year.

Instead, keep that personalized comfort in top shape by making sure that you know your equipment. This means you need to know how old your equipment is; how many repairs have already been done to it and if you still have warranty on it. Controlled Heating and Air conditioning in St Louis Missouri has been serving customers for nearly forty years and recommends that you get your air conditioner checked to ensure that it is functioning correctly before summer hits.

Here are a few signs that your air conditioner may need repairs:

Your air condition has been or has started making excessive noises. This is one of those tell-tale signs because air conditioners are created to run quietly and efficiently. If it starts making noise it may mean it has loose parts that need to be tightened up, or that it needs to have repairs done to the motor.

You have poor air flow or weaker air flow coming through the vents. When this happens, the air conditioner’s compressor is failing and will need to be repaired immediately.

Lack of cool air is also a sign that the compressor isn’t doing its job. If you have no cool air at all, then you need a serious repair done.

Other signs may include strange odors, thermostat problems and moisture where there shouldn’t be. If your air conditioning in St. Louis Missouri is having any of the above signs, then you need to get it checked out.

Strange odors usually mean that the wiring insulation has worn down, or that you may have mold which could be caused by moisture where there shouldn’t be or an issue with your ductwork.

Finally, if you are noticing excessive dust or your energy bill is rising, then it’s time to get your unit looked at.