1Dealing with high utility bills is frustrating but there is an answer for individuals who own old or inefficient boilers. Controlled Heating & Air Conditioning, Inc., your source for heating in St. Louis, Missouri, is proud to provide you with new boiler installation services. Whether you have an old boiler or the boiler you have just isn’t working properly, we are able to come to your location and install a new boiler for your needs.

Anyone who has installed a new boiler in their home has seen the results nearly immediately. In addition to noticing that their home was very warm, newer boilers are far quieter when compared to the old selections. Additionally, they do not spread allergens through your home – this is great news from anyone who suffers from seasonal allergies. Many new boilers are far more affordable than other heating services and, when properly serviced, can last as long as 30 years! From gas selections to electric boilers, our business has a wide array of options from trusted manufacturers for your home.

Contact us at (314) 638-1535 or (636) 296-2627 to inquire about having your boiler replaced today. We are ready to serve people throughout St. Louis and the surrounding communities.